4 years ago

Dear Past Me, I Just Hacked Your App!

The other night, I found some code for a content management system that I was building about five years ago as a personal project. I couldn’t help but install it on my vagrant and see just how truly bad it was. Regardless of how many years of experience I felt I had, the coding was […]

5 years ago

Looking Back at 2014

Last year didn’t seem so far away. I was in my twenties, my daughter was in kindergarten, and I was working from home as an independent contractor on project that involved converting a PSD to a responsive Bootstrap WordPress theme. Now I’m in my thirties, my daughter is a first-grader, and I’m still working from […]

5 years ago

Validated: W3C Valid HTML WordPress Plugin

There was a point in my life as a web developer that pushed for strict HTML coding standards.  It would peeve me to death to know that a popular website did not pass W3C coding standards.  So six years ago, I released a plugin called “Validated” which would check every page and post URL on […]

5 years ago

WP_Mail not sending on VVV? Try this!

Today, I had to run some tests using the wp_mail() function in Varying Vagrant Vagrants and found that no email was being sent out. I love VVV and how easy it is to setup a develop environment locally, but when it comes to the nitty gritty of server configurations, things get kind of blurry. Fortunately, […]

5 years ago

“We’ve always done it this way.”

Grace Hopper was the oldest serving member of the United States Navy, but she was also a computer programmer. Her main point of the quote above is that humans are allergic to change and that it is important to discover different ways of getting things done. The Fear of Change I’ve worked with companies that […]