Diet is DIE with a “T”

So my wife and I are starting the South Beach Diet.  On this diet, there is a two week period where you have to be very strict on what you eat.  No breads, no soda, no sugar…

Already two days into this diet and I’m suffering from caffine and sugar withdrawls.  My wife and I made it a challenge to “survive” it for six-weeks.  If she only knew how weak I am after two days she would gloat even more.

I’m actually a bit pysched about this six-week challenge, since I think it’s just the right motivation my wife and I need to start a healthier lifestyle.

The six-week challenge isn’t just for bragging rights, oh no sir.  It’s for $150 and planning rights for an out of town vacation.  I think whether I win or lose this challenge, which it’s starting to look like the latter, that vacation sounds mighty nice.

Wish me luck!

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