Easy Verification

This plugin will allow you to easily verify your WordPress website with Google Webmaster Tools and Yahoo! SiteExplorer.

== Description ==

Now you can easily verify your website for Google and Yahoo!.

== Installation ==

1. Download the plugin, extract and upload it to your plugins folder on your server.

2. Activate the plugin.

3. Go to Settings, and Easy Verification.

4. Go to Google Webmaster Tools and Yahoo! SiteExplorer to get your verification/authentication information.

5. Enter the meta value on the Easy Verification page and Save Changes.

6. The plugin will generate meta tags on the homepage of your website.

== Feedback ==

Please let me know how it goes…

27 thoughts on “Easy Verification

  1. Lars says:

    I’d like to use this plugin but it does not work in WordPress MU.

    Would it be a big job to make it WPMU compatible?

  2. bjh says:

    Sorry, but does not seem to work with WordPress 2.7 using K2 Theme RC7.

    The plugin does not appear to accept the meta tag code and the following response is generated from Google:

    Your verification meta tag should be NZKkos4xfkcNb/ZQylq/LV6ErVnswYX5/v1P8svHv/4=. The meta tag we found was <metaname=.

  3. Allan Collins says:

    @bjh – you need to only enter the meta value not the entire meta tag.


  4. Bret Holstein says:


    I’ve installed in the plugins directory in WPMU (regular plugins) and get this error when I submit:

    Error! Options page not found.

    Is this related to 2.7 or WPMU? I”m not sure but thought you might like to know either way.

  5. Jim says:

    Great Plugin! Would be nice to add Live(Microsoft) verification also..
    Just a thought

  6. Karen Goldfarb says:

    Hi. I’ve tried several times using Easy Verification and, while the metatag is showing up in my page source, Google Webmaster is telling me it can’t find it. Any idea why this would be? (Note: I haven’t checked Yahoo yet as they say it takes about 24 hours and I just did this.)

  7. Kenn says:

    Works perfectly.
    Started a new blog. Got verified under 1 minute on Google and yahoo. What’s next for Yahoo, since Bing will be powering Yahoo Search? What’s your take?

  8. Debbie says:

    I just downloaded your plug in for my google verification tag and everytime I put it in and save it, it disappears. Google is not seeing everything – all it sees is: <meta name= Please help.

    1. Allan Collins says:

      @Debbie – Just enter the content attribute of the meta tag, not the entire meta tag. In your example, just enter: ta0pdMXyo31k43ZfEz26Gvc7nnHiX55PvCkX-2Qg0yc

  9. Bill says:

    You are a legend. I can’t thank you enough for this fantastic plugin.
    After about four hours of no success whatsoever this plugin sorted it.

  10. Jai says:

    I tried typing in every other variable including just the key like you told Debbie and it still does not work.

    1. Allan Collins says:

      @Jai – Which are you trying to verify? Google, Yahoo! or Bing? Please also post the meta tag supplied by that search engine….

  11. Jai says:

    I finally got it to work. Thanks for trying to help though. If I have anymore problems I know where to go.

  12. Jai says:

    For some reason after I used the plugin, I am now getting this warning on my blog and dashboard
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_get_current_user() in /home2/thefatan/public_html/wp-includes/capabilities.php on line 1059

    I can’t access any pages.

  13. Allan Collins says:

    @Jai – Easy Verification doesn’t use that function.

    However, there are a few reasons why this is happening:

    1. You are running WordPress MU.
    2. You upgraded WordPress to 3.0 and activated network mapping. (multi-site)
    3. There is another plugin that is causing the conflict.

    If item 1 and item 2 are not valid, can you post a list of plugins and versions that you are running on your site?


  14. Ken Mustain says:

    Hey Allen, having a tough time finding the google verification key…I got verified by google and when I check my meta tag..line 23 of my html, there is no number like you have as an example..I will paste the line of code……

    I cannot find the verification key…what am I doing wrong?? Thanks Allen, please let me know…I am sitting here stuck…will move on to yahoo now and see what happens..

    1. Allan Collins says:

      @Ken – When you verify your site with Google Webmaster tools, it will give you the option to verify using a META tag. The tag will look like this:
      Simply take the portion of the content value and input into Easy Verification.

  15. Ken Mustain says:

    Hi Allan…Its me,Ken…dummy…I guess.just uploaded the yahoo information…it is verified…that part goes well…lol..but If there is a yahoo meta tag in my html I cant find it…line 23 is my google…with no verification key number…and no yahoo at all..Its true Im not real techie….but darn to get a plugin to work maybe some better instructions would make the process go smoother for us dummies..just a thought…

  16. Ken Mustain says:

    Thanks Allan. I got the google number just like you said…from the meta tag…Now if its that easy for yahoo…lol…this newbie will be happy..



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