WordPress Plugin: No Update

Got a version of a plugin that you want to stick with? Don’t want to upgrade? Want to kill that upgrade nag on the plugins page? “No Update” is for you.


== Description ==

Disable plugin upgrade options for selected plugins. Because sometimes you just don’t want to upgrade.

== Installation ==

1. Download the plugin, extract and upload it to your plugins folder on your server.

2. Activate the plugin.

3. Go to Plugins.

4. Click the link “Ignore Upgrade Option” next to the upgrade nag below a plugin.

5. Go to Settings->Ignore Plugin Upgrades to manage which plugins upgrades you are ignoring.

25 thoughts on “WordPress Plugin: No Update

  1. Allan Collins says:

    NOTE: I’ve just released an update to the plugin version 1.1.2, which should get rid of that empty listed plugin which seems to be the cause of some problems.

    After upgrading the plugin to version 1.1.2, please make sure that the file soptions.php is deleted from the no-update folder.

    Let me know if you run into any issues.

  2. Allan Collins says:

    NOTE: Version 1.1.3 Gives you the option to get rid of the number on the menu next to plugins.

  3. Allan Collins says:

    NOTE: Version 1.1.4 adjusts the number on the menu next to “Plugins” to the number of upgrades you are allowing to show.

  4. Dirk says:

    Hi Allan,

    nice plugin, but i have one issue:
    theres no link near “theres a new…”
    I use WP 2.6.5 as german version.
    Is this why your plugin is not run correctly ?

    Best regards

  5. Tadd says:

    This is great for people who use WordPress in a client situation and don’t want clients to see the upgrades … thanks!

  6. Ben Millett says:

    Not sure what’s happening in my situation. I’m running 2.7. The plugin activates fine. I click “Ignore Upgrade Option” and the notification box for that specific plugin disappears. I refresh the page or go to another page in admin and back to the plugin page, but the notification to upgrade notification box is still there with a new “Ignore Upgrade Option” link. I click that and the process repeats. If I go to the plugin option page immediately after clicking “Ignore Upgrade Option,” the ignored plugin fails to appear in the list. Have you seen this problem yet?

  7. Allan Collins says:

    @Ben – The “Ignore Upgrade Option” link utilizes an AJAX call to add the plugin to the list.

    Is this only happening on a specific plugin?

    @冰古 – Coming up…

  8. Ben Millett says:

    I only have one plugin requesting updates right now (the 1.6.x version of AJAX Edit Comments). When another plugin requests an update I’ll try with that one and see how things go.

  9. Jeff R. says:

    This plugin doesn’t seem to be working for me…maybe I’m doing something wrong.

    I installed it…I have the menu option…but I have no link to get rid of the nag on the plug-in that need to be upgraded.

  10. Jeff R. says:


    Still functioning the same. I do have a ton of other plugins though….so, I am sure that it is probably a conflict. If you want my help figuring out which one, let me know.

    Oh…don’t know…you might want to install the subscribe to comments plugin…I had no idea you responded…

  11. Ben Millett says:

    I upgraded too, also without success.

    @Jeff – you can subscribe to the comment feed for this post. Works well.

  12. Allan Collins says:

    @Jeff and @Ben – I’ve just release another update (hopefully the last).

    Thanks to the help from Jeff.

    Version 1.1.6

  13. Jeff R. says:


    Thanks…but I don’t want to add one more temporary feed just to follow this to an already extensive feed listing…

    That worked. Thanks.

  14. Ben Millett says:

    Thanks for all the quick updates. Not sure what’s up with my system, but it’s still not working. I deactivated all of my plugins on my local site (not live), activated “No Update” then the WP AJAX Edit Comments. I clicked “Ignore updates” and it worked as it was supposed to. I activated the other plugins one at a time, and “No Update” continued working, even with all the other plugins re-activated. I went to the plugin page of my live site and repeated the process. However, with only “No Updates” active, it still would not work as it was supposed to. I can click “ignore updates,” but when I refresh the page, the message is there again. The only difference between my live site and the localhost version is the server it’s on. The live site is running PHP 5.2.8, the localhost 5.2.6. I’ll just keep trying whenever you have a new update, but you don’t need to stress over this.

  15. Ben Millett says:

    Thanks for all the help! The last update did it. If it was just the wp url issue, it’s funny how such a simple thing can mess things up.

    1. Allan Collins says:

      Sadly, that’s all it was. I do really appreciate your feedback. Many people when they run into issues simply just deactivate the plugin and don’t even try to let me know there is a problem. Thanks again.


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