Southwest Airlines Fail in Usability!

Thinking about taking a vacation?   Well so am I.   After viewing a commercial for some cheap vacation packages from Southwest Airlines, I decided out of curiosity to check out their website.

May seems like a good month, maybe somewhere with a beach.  Let’s say Florida…


Okay so I fill out the information and click “GO”…


I am met with a page with only this little box.

It says “Go back to the previous page”! ?

Honestly, you would think that in the year 2009, website developers will stop expecting users to use the “back” button?!

It is definately sickening to see big company websites that  market to your average Joe Traveler, can’t get usability down.

What do you think?  Post your comment below.

2 thoughts on “Southwest Airlines Fail in Usability!

  1. Allan Collins says:

    @Latina – Exactly, perhaps with some AJAX validation as well as a screen that shows the form again upon submission.


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