WordPress Plugin: Disable Flash Uploader

Upgrade your Flash to version 10? Can’t use the Flash Uploader anymore or perhaps just hate it? “Disable Flash Uploader” will set the Browser Uploader as the default.
== Installation ==

1. Download the plugin, extract and upload it to your plugins folder on your server.

2. Activate the plugin.

3. Now when editing a page/post if you click on the add image button, it will display the Browser Uploader instead of the Flash Uploader.

== Changelog ==

= 1.1 =
* Removed javascript manipulated URLs. Utilized built-in WP functions to hard-code URLs.

8 thoughts on “WordPress Plugin: Disable Flash Uploader

  1. YikYak says:

    Doesn’t seem to work for me 🙁
    My (non functioning) flash uploader is there as before.

  2. Allan Collins says:

    @YikYak – I sent you an email, let’s figure out the cause of the problem.

  3. David Schneider says:

    I am also having trouble with the plugin. I installed the plugin and it does not work. I still comes up with the Flash loader as default.

  4. Ted Marlett says:

    I have also downloaded this plugin and cannot get it to work. I have yet to add an image to my blog.


  5. Alexander says:

    Doesn’t affect the uploader that’s part of the Quickpress module on the Dashboard. Fix is easy:


  6. Fin says:

    I tried your plugin but it seems to make no difference.
    I have a new install of WordPress 3.0.4 and installed the Photocrati 4.0 theme. When I try to upload a background image it uploads the file but at the very end gives “HTTP Error”. From looking on Google it seems I need to disable the Flash uploader. I tried your plugin and also Adminimize, neither of which work. I’ve restarted the browser, cleared the cache a couple of times but no joy.
    Any ideas?
    Thanks very much,


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