How to Copy Content Into WordPress From Word

It isn’t unusual for me to get a request to fix a WordPress site that doesn’t show some posts in Internet Explorer.  After banging my head on my desk and cursing Microsoft, I get to work cleaning up these phantom blog posts.  Upon looking at the code via the HTML tab on the WordPress editing screen, I could easily put the blame on the post’s  author by copying and pasting directly from Microsoft Word.

Microsoft Word, when pasted, adds a lot of junk code, which is intended to keep formatting, but instead can seriously annihilate a website layout and prevent browsers (such as IE) from viewing sections by using conditional comments.

So how can you keep the formatting you have in your Word Document without screwing up your post?

Step One: Toggle the Second Menu Bar


It’s surprising how many people don’t know there is another menu bar with their WordPress WYSIWYG editor.

Step Two: Click on the Paste from Word Button


Step Three: Copy-and-Paste from Word into the Provided TextArea

Paste Word

Step Four: Click the Insert Button.

This simple feature will strip out all of the junk code that Microsoft Word adds and will format the text into HTML.


1. I opened up Word and added this text: “This is some text from Microsoft Word.”
2. I bolded and centered the text in Word.
3. I then copied and pasted into the Visual editor of WordPress.

Here’s the code this simple line of text created:

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