I Don’t Dance

A man and a woman's feet as they prepare to dance.

As I sit here listening to music, I cannot help but tap my toes and sing along. Although I would never call myself a dancer, I have been out on the dance floor shaking what I got — to the horror and dismay of Destination Imagination kids. Other than that, my wife and I have mastered the “middle school shuffle”. It’s simple, her hands are on my shoulders and my hands are on her hips all while standing at least 12 inches apart and moving in circles.

Just recently, my wife and I were asked to participate in the local “Dancing with the stars” competition to raise money for a local non-profit of our choice. They would even get us a dance choreographer to work with us.

Our initial reactions were to throw our heads back and laugh. But instead of saying no to something so ridiculous and absurd (they know I don’t dance, right?), I said yes.

For years, Kami has been asking if we could take ballroom dancing lessons. Unfortunately, each time we looked into it, they never were at a time that worked for both of us. So I saw this as an opportunity to achieve that goal.

For the past two weeks we have met with our choreographer and have started working on a dance routine. I can now happily report that the masters of the middle school shuffle are getting better and can pull off a half-decent two step.

Kami and I are dancing to support the Abraham Connection Homeless Shelter.