10 years ago

How’d They Get Here? Top Keywords from 2008

I always find it interesting on how visitors make it to my websites via long tail keywords. Here’s a list of some of the keywords that they used:

11 years ago

Sneaking Up The Rankings

A while back I made it a simple goal to rank well for my own name.  It seems that the search term “Allan Collins” has landed this website to #5 in Google,  #3 in Yahoo! and #1 on MSN Live. So does this mean that I succeed?

11 years ago

The Name Ranking Update: Two Weeks Later

Previously, I stated that I wanted this site to at least rank well for my own name.  After finally figuring out the “headers already sent” issue with the All in One SEO plugin, I am back on track. (Open up all_in_one_seo_pack.php and go to the very bottom and delete those blank lines.)  I estimate that […]

11 years ago

Ranking For My Own Name

What’s more embarrasing that having a personal website and not ranking well for your own name?  Sadly Google shows this site as #117, Yahoo! at #4 and MSN at #1 for the term “Allan Collins”.  Although, it may be a little bit of a challenge to outrank all the sites for Max Allan Collins, the […]